1:1 Training


At Supernova Dogworks, we specialize in providing a first class, one on one training experience either in the comfort of your home or at a location that is specific for the behaviors your dog needs to develop.

The personalized attention available in private training with Supernova Dogworks is one of the best ways for owners to become better handlers for their dogs and for dogs to develop new behavior patterns that can be transferred into a variety of real life situations. Your initial session will include:

  • Observation and evaluation of your dog’s body language and behavior in social situations with other people and other dogs.
  • Observation and evaluation of your interactions with your dog in order to determine where you need to be coached in communicating with your dog.
  • The degree of your dog’s responsiveness to well-timed positive reinforcement training.
  • Appropriate initial training exercises to get you and your dog off to a good start.
  • Development of a training plan that moves you and your dog towards your goals.

New Client Questionnaire


Personalized Training Plans


All training plans are 100% personalized to fit the specifics of both your needs and your dog’s needs.
Private training is extremely effective for helping with:

  • Teaching puppy basics
  • Working with highly exuberant adolescent behaviors such as excessive barking and/or leash pulling.
  • Aggression / Reactivity.
  • Fearful behaviors.
  • Teaching basic behaviors to a recently adopted adult dog.
  • Helping recently adopted shelter pets adapt to their new home.

…and much more!


Training Fee Schedule

Initial Session (90 minutes) 


Initial Session (60 minutes)


Follow Up Session (60 minutes) 


Follow Up Session (30 minutes) 


Phone Consultation (30 minutes)



Discounts are available for prepaid training plans in consultation with your trainer. Mileage fees may also apply depending on your distance from our location in downtown Austin and are applied at the discretion of your trainer.

For more information about private training, please email angelo@supernovadogworks.net or call 512-520-7607.